Singularity by Complete Confusion (2004) comprises tunes created with Reason, Garageband and Soundtrack. It was started in Autumn 2002 and completed in September 2004. The music is a mixture of dance versions of tunes appearing on earlier CDs and novel compositions in a variety of styles, but overall I tried to create music with a more contemporary dance feel.

  1. 00:00 Event Horizon
  2. 05:00 Canon in Dance
  3. 10:00 Every Day (Dance Version)
  4. 13:17 Rowdy Yates (I Want Your Hair!) (Dance Version)
  5. 17:22 Liati (Original Version)
  6. 23:20 Liati (Dance Version)
  7. 28:08 Baghdad Burning
  8. 30:55 Singularity
  9. 35:26 Unwanted Soundtrack
  10. 38:50 Heart
  11. 43:54 Event Horizon (SpyMac Short Cut)
  12. 46:51 Reflections on the Cross

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