Killing Time

Killing Time by Complete Confusion (2001) is a collection of re-worked MIDI compositions produced using RolandED Virtual Sound Canvas and Metro SE on an iMac in December 2000 / January 2001. Many of the tunes were composed as far back as 1988, so there is a generally eighties feel to the whole thing, but I’ve never really been particularly happy with the production (mainly because of the poor quality of sounds from the Sound Canvas).

  1. 00:00 Canon in Disco
  2. 05:25 Killing Time
  3. 09:23 Falling
  4. 13:28 Complex Fusion (Complete Confusion)
  5. 17:31 Been Done Before
  6. 21:24 Better Than This
  7. 25:42 Never Again
  8. 29:30 Where Are You?
  9. 32:43 Dunce
  10. 36:44 Every Day

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