A Bundle of Joy

A Bundle of Joy by Complete Confusion (2000) was my first attempt at creating a serious collection of tunes. It was produced using Acid Music and Dance eJay on a PC in December 1999/January 2000 (except Rowdy Yates, which was produced using a Mod tracker several years earlier). The sound is generally mid-nineties dance/techno.

Track Listing:

  1. 00:00 Your Love (Radio Edit)
  2. 03:20 Your Love (Touch Club Mix)
  3. 08:49 Your Love (Kitchen Sink Mix)
  4. 15:28 Hold On
  5. 19:35 Fireworx
  6. 23:48 Anieska
  7. 27:25 New Year’s Eve
  8. 32:17 I Git Around
  9. 33:55 F.A.L.
  10. 37:26 Rowdy Yates (I Want Your Hair!)

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