Eclipse by Complete Confusion (2007) is an album containing an eclectic mixture of styles, including several OMD cover versions (Silent Running, Romance of the Telescope, Almost, Of All the Things We’ve Made).

  1. 00:00 Eclipse
  2. 04:14 Evolution (Club Mix)
  3. 08:52 I Know There’s an Answer
  4. 12:12 Canon in Disco ’07
  5. 17:40 Silent Running
  6. 21:08 Scary Movie
  7. 24:53 The Romance of the Telescope
  8. 28:01 Almost
  9. 31:39 Of All the Things We’ve Made
  10. 35:18 I’m Sorry Dave (I’m afraid I can’t do that)
  11. 38:15 Your Life as it Has Been (is over)
  12. 40:57 Death on the Beach

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