Complex Fusion – I Want To Go Home (The studio sessions 1984-85)

In 1984 I got together with a like-minded friend on a number of occasions with our synths, keyboards, drum machines and a tape recorder and recorded a few tracks. He even came up with a name for our synthpop duo – Complex Fusion. Unfortunately I lost touch with him around 1989, but I kept the tapes and digitised them. Jonathan, are you out there?

For posterity, I include these “warts and all” recordings; no multi-tracking, just two guys jamming. There’s tape hiss and bum notes, but also a lot of unfulfilled potential. Before The Pet Shop Boys there was Complex Fusion. Tracks 1-5 were recorded in my parents’ dining room in the summer of 1984; Track 6 was recorded in my flat the following year. Unfortunately we never got around to giving them titles and I don’t feel I can do that without input from the other half of the duo (wherever he may be). Very eighties.

Track Listing

  1. 00:00 Track One
  2. 03:00 Track Two
  3. 06:57 Track Three
  4. 09:38 Track Four
  5. 14:35 Track Five
  6. 17:25 Track Six

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