I’m Completely Confused

And in Complete Confusion

Once upon a time (26th September 2003 to be exact) I started a blog. It was called Completely Confused (I used Edvard Munch’s The Scream imagery, hence the image above). At the time Apple were giving away a program called iBlog with .Mac and so I did what lots of people were starting to do at the time: write banal nonsense (and it was banal nonsense) for complete strangers to read.

Completely Confused lasted until 2005 (27th October to be exact). Thereafter I experimented with other blogs, using various platforms (including Blogspot, Tumblr, WordPress and others). I finally gave up around 2015 and deleted everything (although I did archive them using BlogBooker).

And after all that, here I am again.

What exactly I will communicate here (and how often) remains to be seen, but given the Clown World we currently inhabit there is plenty of material. The only problem is that there are certain opinions one is not allowed to have these days, let alone convey in a public forum, without some form of censure. It certainly is completely confusing at times.


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